She Was Testing Her Boyfriend’s Loyalty When This Shocking Happens

Here’s a story about a woman who decided to test her relationship. She ended up testing herself as well, learning some lessons of value, while providing some laughter for us all.

The spark seemed to dim. Her relationship wasn’t that firework display it once was. So she comes up with what she believes is an amazing idea. How would her boyfriend react if she left him, and what would be his view on how she felt about him? These are the questions she wanted to get answers to.

woman trick on bf

So, she proceeds to write her boyfriend a letter, stating that the relationship is now over. She simply did not see any point in continuing their relationship. She actually did not want to leave him. She was just after an idea of how he would react upon learning this news.

woman trick on bf

She completed the letter, then put in on her boyfriends’ desk. In order to see his raw reaction, she ended up hiding under his bed, waiting for him to come home. He would see the letter and then she could witness the reaction first hand.

woman trick on bf

Her boyfriend arrives. She nervously hid, as the tension built. He would soon see the letter, and read it.

Once he entered the room, he did notice the letter and immediately started reading it. When he finished it, the girlfriend became shocked. Rather than crying, the boyfriend was whistling. He then immediately picked up his phone. She was beside herself, floored at what was happening, yet kept still so she could hear the conversation on the phone, that went like this:

“Hello darling, I’m coming over. The dummy finally got the drift that I’ve been cheating. She’s finally left. What a mistake, that relationship. I’m so happy to be free of her. I wish I’d met you earlier. See you soon!”

woman trick on bf

Now the woman was completely stunned. How in the world? She simply hid still in complete shock for the next few minutes, while her boyfriend gathered a few things together. As soon as the boyfriend left, she began crying. She slowly came out of her hiding spot, devastated.

She finally calmed herself a bit and looked around the room. She noticed another letter on the desk. This one was actually from her boyfriend, and it was addressed to her. She immediately grabbed it and began reading. Then her tears turned to shame. What an idiot she was, she kept thinking to herself.

Here’s what the letter read:

“You buffoon, next time you want to trick me, make sure your feet aren’t hanging out from under the bed. Just gone to the store. See you soon Love.”

woman trick on bf

If you are going to pull a fast one on your loved one, expect some retaliation, especially when you screw up! This girlfriend was so nervous and anxious, not to mention devious, that she forgot to hide her feet! It clearly backfired and we are all left wondering how that conversation goes when he gets back from the store! Too funny!

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