Father Makes Unexpected Find In Disabled Daughter’s Trick Or Treat Bag

We all hear so many horror stories about bad things that kids get in their Halloween trick-or-treat baskets these days. Bad drugs, needles, and worse have been found, and cops often warn parents to watch out for these unwelcome additions to their kids’ sweets collections.

So what one man put in a little girls’ Halloween candy was not only a surprise but a welcome break from all the bad news that generally surrounds any such deposits.

In Antioch, California this year, Timothy Winn was pushing his disabled daughter’s wheelchair door-to-door for candy collection when the amazing kindness occurred. His little girl, Alyssa, is just six years old, and has both degenerative brain disease and cerebral palsy, making independent movement impossible for the young child.

trick or treating

Imagine Timothy’s surprise when he got home, and while looking through Alyssa’s haul (she was dressed in a darling and very girlie Hello Kitty outfit, by the way), he spotted what he assumed was a $10 bill. Thinking how nice that was for someone to do, he pulled the bill out of the layers of candy, only to discover that it was not a ten, but a 100-dollar bill.

trick or treating

The dad recalled that when the unknown candy donor had handed out the bill, he’d noted that it was for Alyssa’s wheelchair maintenance. Winn excitedly told his wife, Rachelle Metcalf, who was also deeply touched by such kindness from a complete stranger.

“We live in a pretty rough neighborhood and you usually don’t hear about random acts of kindness like this,” said the dad.

“Pay it forward has always been my way of living life. Glad to see there are others out there that believe this too,” mom Rachelle wrote in the comments section of their Facebook post in gratitude for the gesture of generosity towards Alyssa and her family.

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