Dirtbag Pays $30k For A Car With CASH. But Look Closely At What’s In His Lap…

After buying a $30,000 car and paying for it in cash, a Florida scumbag decided to post a celebratory picture with the money he still had left over. However, it wasn’t so much the cash that had everyone’s attention but rather one small item resting in his lap – and it will enrage you to the core.

Although it’s unclear where exactly the incident took place, certain details of a recent incident suggest that it occurred somewhere in Florida. It all started after a man was more than excited to show off his most recent purchase and decided to post a photo to social media to gloat a little bit.

Sitting in what he describes to be his new $30,000 car, the man explains that he not only paid cash but had some left over as well. In an attempt to show off, he had a buddy snap a quick photo of him sitting in his new ride while holding a wad of cash after he made the purchase.

Unfortunately for him, it seems that his luck may have just run out as a few people were quick to pick up on one small detail – the scumbag is on welfare. As can be seen in his lap, he has an Access card hanging out of his wallet which not too many people were pleased with seeing.


For those unaware, Access is Florida’s Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT/Welfare) program for those who don’t have money to properly support themselves. Although it’s unclear how this dirtbag was able to come up with so much money, it most likely made its way into his pocket through illegal means – whether via criminal action or simply his failure to report income seeing how he’s on welfare.

Whatever the case may be, this guy is reaping the benefits of your hard labor. Although he obviously doesn’t need the few extra bucks he gets every month, that’s your mandated taxpayer dollars going directly into his pocket. I don’t know about you, but this is the exact reason I’m so sick of the left and their endless spiels on the necessity of entitlement programs.

Not only has “the system” become a drain on the U.S. taxpayers, it’s now a breeding ground for criminals and freeloaders. The worst part is that Democrats really allow such behavior because it keeps them in office, not because it’s for the greater good. They’re leeching off the hard workers of America, which would technically make them “parasites” according to the definition. That’s so-called “progressivism” hard at work. When is America going to wake up?

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