Here Is What Happens To Women Who Refuse To Convert

Last week the Islamic State’s (also known as IS, or ISIS) forced an exodus of the Yazidi people. Despite the Yazidi’s millennia-old tie to Iraq’s Sinjar region, the group has been given a grim ultimatum with the arrival of IS: convert to Islam, leave, or die.

refuse to convert

Many of the Yazidi people were able to flee Sinjar. But for those who weren’t, their lives have become a living hell.

The Daily Beast reported yesterday on what IS has done with a prison in Mosul, Iraq since seizing power in the region. In short, they’ve turned it into a sex trafficking center. The hundreds of Yazidi, Christian and Turkoman women imprisoned there are told to either convert to Islam and be sold as wives or refuse to convert and be raped.

How has news of the inner workings of the prison been publicized? IS militants are forcing prisoners to call their families and tell them of the torture they’re enduring. One mother told the Daily Beast she’s been forced to listen on the phone as her daughter speaks about being raped by dozens of men a day.

Pakhshan Zangana, head of the High Council of Women’s Affairs for the Kurdish Regional Government, is pleading with the international community for help.

“We have women and families calling in every day, the situation is getting desperate,” she told the Daily Beast. “It’s sick. [ISIS] went so far as to force the local beauticians to come in and dress them up, putting makeup on them. Then telling them to instruct the women to be submissive to their new husbands.”

One woman who escaped the prison says many of the sexually tortured and abused girls are as young as 14 years old.

Zangana is trying to raise money to negotiate the release of the woman, but without international help, she’s been forced to turn to crowdfunding (click the link to inquire about donating). Zangana didn’t mince words when she described what’s happening in the Mosul prison.

“You must understand that this is a form of genocide and we don’t have much time,” she said.

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