Hilarious Results When Parents Try To Send Text Messages

Technology is moving at a lightning fast rate. Even millennials can have trouble keeping up. So what happens when parents try to embrace texting? The results are hilarious.

They Have Trouble With Acronyms

There’s a whole world of text and internet acronyms like LOL, jk, and idk. Parents struggle with these concepts.

hilarious parents texts

They’re Really Trying Though

Like a kid walking for the first time, we need to be proud of them for little victories.

hilarious parents texts

They Think They’re Getting The Hang Of It…

So parents start to think they’re really understanding this whole texting this, they’re even doing group messages now! But then they do something like this…

hilarious parents texts

Rationality Goes Out The Window

Parents are putting so much thought into mastering this new technology, other brain activities don’t seem to work as well.

hilarious parents texts

Even Taking A Picture Can Be Difficult

At a certain point, you just have to cut your losses and tell them they’re doing a great job…

hilarious parents texts


Never mind that hashtags are difficult for parents to understand… they aren’t even used in a text message.

hilarious parents texts

They’ll Start Invading Your Life

Eventually, mom and dad might start really figuring this whole texting thing out. That’s when things can get tricky. It can be a powerful tool for barging into your life.

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They’ll Also Start Using It Tole too frequently. Although, even that can be tough if you were new to texting.

hilarious parents texts

Maybe They’ll Never Get It

Unlike kids today, our parents remember a time without texting. We should give them a break because one day we’ll be in their same position with some new technology. They might fail more often than they successfully use texting, but at least parents out there are giving the rest of us something to laugh about!

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