Blogger Reveals Her Top Money Saving Holiday Gift Wrapping Hacks

With the holiday season here, Kallie Branciforte, 29, from Connecticut, a blogger, has come up with a series of simple gift wrapping hacks.

Her tips are designed to save time and money. On her blog “But First, Coffee,” Kallie posted the video to YouTube. In it, she reveals how easy it is to wrap perfectly shaped boxes.

The video, which features music by Grace Gaustad, also revealed that wrapping presents are not as easy as it looks.

‘Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite present wrapping hacks that are going to make wrapping all of your presents a lot easier,’ she revealed.


Kallie shows us that using the diagonal wrapping method uses less paper.

‘This is going to blow your mind. It honestly amazed me when I first figured out how to do it,’ she said.

Kallie first placed a rectangular box diagonally in the middle of a square piece of wrapping paper. She then showed how matching up the diagonal corners allowed her to wrap without gaps. She fixes each piece of paper in place with some tape.

She added: ‘So not only does this hack work if you happen to cut a piece of wrapping paper that was too small, it’s going to save you money as well as you don’t need to buy as much wrapping paper.’

gift wrapping hacks

Holiday hacks: Blogger Kallie Branciforte has created a YouTube video revealing her time-saving gift wrapping tips

gift wrapping hacks

Frugal: Kallie who blogs at But First, Coffee, revealed her first hack uses as little wrapping paper as possible


‘Gift bags are great because you can use them for any awkward or unusually shaped items,’ Kallie said of her next tip.

‘But if you‘ve run out of gift bags and you have some wrapping paper, you can easily use wrapping paper to make a gift bag.’

Kallie said try cutting a piece of wrapping paper big enough to wrap the entire object. Then fold the piece of paper in half by folding in the two sides to create a seam down the middle, fix in place with some double stick tape.

Next, fold the bottom of the bag. Kallie created an open triangle, folding these pieces of paper into a diamond shape before folding the corners in again to create a six-sided bottom.

Kallie describes it as being like ‘a brown paper lunch bag,’ she then stood the bag up to show how to pack it before folding the top over. She advised that the top can be fixed in place with tape or ribbon, inserted via two holes poked in the top.

gift wrapping hacks

Bags of potential: Kallie also revealed how she creates gift bags using wrapping paper


gift wrapping hacks

Easy to follow: Kallie’s video gives step-by-step instructions


gift wrapping hacks

Professional: Kallie says double stick tape makes gift wrapping look more ‘put together’


‘My next tip is to consider using double stick tape instead of regular tape, this way you can use the double stick tape on the inside of the seams of whatever you’re wrapping and you won’t have any tape exposed,’ Kallie explained.


If you don’t have any ribbon or bows left, Kallie’s next tip creates a bow out of wrapping paper.

‘Sometimes all a present needs is a little bow to make it look more finished and put together,’ she told the camera. Just cut a piece of paper in a rectangular shape, then fold it in half ‘the hot-dog way,’ before folding in half again, this time ‘the hamburger way’.

gift wrapping hacks

Paper ribbon: The blogger also showed how to create a ribbon out of wrapping paper


gift wrapping hacks

Curls: Kallie showed how to curl wrapping paper with a scissors


gift wrapping hacks

DIY: She then fashioned the strips into a bow shape

Then simply take your scissors and cut strips into the paper, keeping them attached by leaving a border at the edge of the sheet, before curling them with the scissors.

By folding the curled pieces in on top of themselves, she created a bow shape, fixed in place with double stick tape.


‘These are great if you have any small gifts to give away with bracelets or earrings,’ Kallie said of the pillow boxes she created using a toilet paper tube.

Using a toilet paper tube, Kallie folded in the corners to make flaps and said she found this easier to do after scoring the cardboard with scissors, using a small round bottle as an outline for the curved shape.

gift wrapping hacks

Bog standard: Kallie also showed how to make a pillow box for smaller gifts using a toilet roll


gift wrapping hacks

Pillow talk: The finished result, wrapped in paper and colored string, looks nothing like a used toilet roll


An empty Pringles can is another great trick for a hard to wrap present. Wash the can out before wrapping them in the paper, securing it in place with tape or glue.

‘It’s good for things like nail polishes, or lipsticks, a printing or a poster,’ she explained.

gift wrapping hacks

Once you pop: She says empty Pringles containers are perfect for wrapping nail polishes, lipsticks, or a printing

gift wrapping hacks

Repurposed: Kallie also noted that she washes the cans out before wrapping them in paper

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