Drunk Woman Leaves Her Car At Restaurant Comes Back To This Note

In life, we are constantly faced with choices and decisions. Some are relatively meaningless, like choosing between coffee black or with cream; others are weightier, like when to leave the car keys alone and cab it home when you know you’ve had a little bit too much to drink.

As we all know, many – maybe most – people make the wrong decision in the “drink and drive” lottery, and far too often, innocent lives are taken as a result. But such was not the case for Paula Grzelak-Schultz when she went out with her husband and the couple enjoyed a few too many adult beverages.

Rather than risk it, Paula decided to just leave her car at the restaurant in Alberta, Canada where they had enjoyed dinner. Instead, they called an Uber ride, knowing they could come back the next day to retrieve their car.

And return they did, to Original Joes, the restaurant where they had dined the evening before. If they were worried about getting a ticket, they needn’t have been, because instead of a fine, she got a “thank you.”

drunk woman finds note on car

The note was from the restaurant’s manager, and it thanked her for not driving while inebriated. Then Jay McLean, the manager, even offered the couple a full pound of chicken wings as a reward for thinking straight, when it would have been so much easier not to.

drunk woman finds note on car

As appreciative as Paula was for the lovely message, she wanted to share it on Facebook, possibly hoping it would encourage someone else to make that very same choice the next time.

As for the manager, it’s something he is happy to do, if it will save another life.

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