When Firefighters Came To Save This Animal, They Were Not Expecting This To Happen…

When dispatchers were called because a dog was stuck in a tree, they thought for sure it was a joke. Everyone has heard of cats being stuck in trees – but a dog? How does such a thing even happen? It wasn’t until dispatchers arrived on the scene that they realized it was true. It wasn’t just any dog stuck in a tree either, it was a 120-pound Great Dane. The giant pup had somehow climbed her way up a tree and proceeded to get stuck in the branches. When her owner, Wes McGurk, tried to coax her out, the dog was too afraid to climb down.

That was the situation when firefighters arrived on the scene. To make matters worse, this all happened during the dead of night in freezing temperatures. So, how did they go about rescuing the enormous dog from the tree? The quick-thinking firefighters came up with a genius solution that left everybody safe. You can watch the video below to see just how they did it.

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