They Insisted Her Baby Wouldn’t Live, But She Never Gave Up

When Lacey Buchanan became pregnant, she immediately started looking forward to a joyous event with a healthy, happy baby boy, but as her pregnancy progressed, doctors began to notice some worrisome signs.

By the time Lacey went to the hospital to give birth, she wasn’t sure if she would be going home with a baby or not. What happened next is a heartbreaking story that she’ll never forget!

It’s terrible to think that people treated Lacey and her son Christian so poorly after he was born. But now, as Christian grows older, he’s beginning to help others. Some musicians in his hometown of Nashville were so inspired by Christian that they even wrote a song for him.

Lacey and Christian were made for each other, and nothing can ever tear them apart. For more on their journey, check out Lacey’s YouTube channel.

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