Woman, 25, Is ‘Cured’ Of Her Acne With A £12.95 Cream

Stephanie Barrett, 25, from Ampthill, Bedfordshire, had acne left her at ‘rock bottom’ and with ‘furious red lumps that no amount of make-up could cover’ has been healed using a cream made of silver.

She endured endless bouts of spots ever since she was a teenager, but nothing she used worked.

Stephanie made numerous desperate attempts to remove the unsightly pimples caused by the incurable condition. She was led to trying a range of creams, ice cubes, and even potato skins.

The event manager, whose skin became so sensitive from all the products she used, was unable to wear make-up.

Until she found relief in a £12.95 cream called Silver Serum. The cream contains tiny fragments of silver that seek out and kills bad skin bacteria, deemed responsible for the condition.

Since taking the product, which can be purchased online, the difference has been a ‘total life-changer.’

Stephanie feared her boyfriend would ‘go off’ on her, described it as the ‘best advice’ she has ever had and noticed a difference after one month.

acne remedy

Stephanie Barrett, from Ampthill, Bedfordshire, had endured endless bouts of spots ever since she was a teenager – but none worked

She added: ‘It was literally the only product I had ever tried that actually had an effect and didn’t hurt my skin. Each week I watched my skin gradually clearing, it was nothing short of miraculous. Now I honestly do not know where I would be without this product.

‘I buy it every month and apply it religiously every day. I’ve even got my boyfriend wearing it as he gets a few spots too, though they’re nothing like my acne was.’

Stephanie added: ‘I work in event management so facing important clients with a face full of acne is incredibly hard.

‘I could feel people staring at my skin and it was really hard to maintain my confidence. If I hadn’t found Silver Serum I honestly don’t know where I’d be now.’

She said she suffered from acne throughout her teenage years and her condition carried on as she aged into her twenties.

Doctors have prescribed her various creams and tablets to cure her, however, nothing worked and some even left her with ‘burning, red raw skin’.

It triggered a change in her body that meant ‘furious red lumps’ would break out across her face that ‘no amount of make-up’ could cover.

acne remedy

Desperate attempts to rid herself of the unsightly pimples have led to her trying a range of creams, ice cubes, and even potato skins


acne remedy

But the event manager, whose skin became so sensitive from all the products that she was unable to wear make-up, finally found relief in a £12.95 cream

She added: ‘I was endlessly searching the internet for remedies. I tried potato skin and ice cubes. It was that crazy.

‘I tried several off the shelf products for acne, many of which actually made my skin worse not better.

‘Most products either burned or made my skin redder and did almost nothing to get rid of the acne.’

Her job involves doing a lot of presentations in front of ‘important people’, felt that her skin ‘had a mind of its own.’

She continued: ‘When I started a new relationship, I felt I needed to wear a lot of make-up.

‘I’d spend hours and hours making myself up before seeing my boyfriend for fear that if he saw my skin how it really was he’d go off me.

‘I felt I was having to always present a false impression of how I looked. It was exhausting; I didn’t feel like I could be myself.’

She found it hard to relax and enjoy herself when she was out with friends, especially if they were taking photos. She would never let anyone post any photos of her and she spent hours editing the pictures to try and edit out the acne on her face.

Stephanie said: ‘There would be times when my skin was so bad I just didn’t feel like going out at all.

‘I’d spend hours and hours in the evenings reading blogs about acne to see if I could find anything that sounded like it might work in a different way to everything I had tried before.

‘Eventually, I came across a blog. It was written by a woman who was about the same age as me.

‘She was so upset about her skin that she had got to the state where she never wanted to leave the house. I could relate to that.

‘Her mum came across silver serum and it changed her life. Everything she said rang true for me and by the end of reading her story I decided it was something I had to try for myself.’

‘I was a slave to my skin and now I barely have to give it a second thought. My boyfriend loves it now that I wear so much less makeup.

‘He admitted to me once my skin had cleared up that he didn’t like the amount of make-up I was wearing.’

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