How To Make The Easiest And Delicious Sugar Cookies Using Only Three Ingredients

Grab these three items from your kitchen, mix them together, and enjoy the easiest delicious cookie dough possible. You won’t even believe it – this recipe from Joye Yvonna will leave you saying, “Yum!” The three items necessary are flour, butter, and sugar. Watch these simple steps that will show you how to make it soft and sweet.

3 ingredient cookies

After mixing softened butter and sugar together, make sure it has a thick, buttery texture before adding flour. Using a mixer, mix only until your dough resembles crumbs, then remove from the bowl so you can shape your dough into a smooth, rectangular shape. Soon it will be ready to pop into the oven.

3 ingredient cookies

Once your dough is smooth, chill in the fridge for about thirty minutes, and meanwhile, preheat your oven to 325 degrees. The small, sliced cookies shown here make a perfect, delectable treat to enjoy or bring a dessert to share with friends. They taste so buttery and soft that no one would have any clue how easy they are! Watch for more tasty cookie directions in the video below.

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