How This Tough Guy Cage Fighter Gets Knocked Out By Just 2 Fingers Is Unbelievable

You may have heard about the mythical one finger death punch.

It’s pretty far-fetched to imagine someone could die from a finger punch. But as you are about to see, a two finger strike can actually knock someone out in absolutely devastating fashion.

Here we have a cage fighter who agrees to take on the two finger strike. The guy delivering the strike is someone who doesn’t even fight either. Nor is he exactly a tough guy. He just knows this one technique and it is clear, that is all he needs to know because the effect is truly devastating.

This two finger strike can knock anyone out when executed properly. The cage fighter stands in front of the guy and actually preps himself for the strike. But it doesn’t matter. He goes down swiftly and barely can speak when he comes to on the ground.

When he was able to speak, he later had this to say: “It just felt like being hit by a truck.” A medic was present, and very much needed in the aftermath of the devastating two finger strike.

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