This 100 Lb. Dog Fell Through Some Ice, But Was Rescued in an Amazing Way!

A Wisconsin Pastor saved a large dog who had fallen through the ice and had to rescue himself too after he fell into the icy waters.

Two dogs were running loose when they entered a private marina. The large Mastiff, weighing around 100 pounds, fell through the thin ice. The other dog, a PitBull/Labrador mix stayed out of the water and began to bark for help.

100 lb dog fell ice rescued

Close by, Reverend Wayne DeVrou, Senior Pastor for the First Reformed Church in Oostburg Wisconsin, was visiting his mother at her home near the harbor. Unable to get cell phone reception, he crossed the road to try and get a signal. That’s when he heard the Pit Bull mix barking. Looking into the water, Reverend DeVrou noticed the Mastiff struggling in the water.

He ran and got a rope and went to try and rescue the dog. While attempting to reach the dog, Reverend DeVrou fell into the water. Not wanting to give up, he swam over to the dog. The dog wasn’t wearing a collar so he grabbed him by one of his front legs and dragged the big dog over to the water’s edge. He climbed out first and then pulled the dog out by his front legs.

100 lb dog fell ice rescued

After everyone was safe out of the water, Reverend DeVrou took both dogs across the road and into his mother’s home where all were dried and warmed up. Reverend DeVrou and the Mastiff were thankfully uninjured.

Shortly after, Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office posted photos of the two dogs to their Facebook page and shortly after they received a call from the dogs’ owner who arranged to pick them up.

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